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Daily Odd

Daily Odd


Leicester – Slavia Prague : 1 Odd: 1.60 FT: 0:2

Arsenal – Benfica : 1 Odd: 1.80 FT: 3:2

Sports Betting FAQ

If you’ve got questions relating to sports betting, we’ve got you covered. On this page, we’ve drawn up a long list of questions that we frequently hear about betting on sports. The questions below are broken out into sections dedicated to general and online specific sports betting. Our goal with this page is to help you improve your sports betting knowledge. Just click on the questions below to jump to the answers.

Is it possible to make money by betting on sports?

Yes, it is possible for you to make money betting on sports. However, we must be clear that it is no walk in the park to become profitable while betting on sports. Even the best professional sports bettors still lose wagers regularly. What’s important is for you to develop your sports betting and bankroll strategy so that you give yourself the best chance to make money over the long haul of your sports betting career.

How much money should I bet?

One of the most commonly asked questions by folks new to sports betting is how much money they should risk when placing a sports bet. In short, there is no blanket answer to this question. The amount of money that you should risk may vary from another person making the same bet based upon many different factors.

The most critical thing that you should do is establish a bankroll management plan. With this, you’ll devise a structured program that will help you determine how much you should wager at any given time. Without this, you’ll likely blow through your bankroll quickly and leave yourself without any betting funds. Click on the link below to view our page dedicated to bankroll management to see how you can establish a plan for yourself today.

Daily Odd

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Premium Online Betting

Premium Online Betting


Monaco – Marseille

Tip: 1 Odds: 2.20 Result: 3:1


Augsburg – Union Berlin

Tip: X2(DC) Odds: 1.60 Result: 2:1


Alaves – Real Madrid

Tip: 2 Odds: 1.60 Result: 1:4


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Spread Betting on Corners

Betting on how many corners there will be in a football match might seem a strange form of gambling.  Simply be keeping a note of how many corners a team wins or concedes easy winnings can be generated in the second half of the season of any league.

There are five factors which can be used to determine the total corners in any match:

Attacking tactics

High corner counts often go hand in hand with teams that attack with width.

Defensive tactics

Some teams will play the ball out of the penalty area or head away from goal rather than risk conceding a corner.

Clearing lines

Some sides clear away an attack regardless of whether they concede a corner or not.

Size of pitch

The larger the pitch the greater the width of the touchline and that means more corners.


Windy weather tends to increase the count but very heavy rain can waterlog the pitch and reduce the count.

These factors and statistics for corner winning abilities create a bank of data that can be applied to spread betting and traditional betting. Traditional bookmakers will quote odds on three bands such as under 11 corners, exactly 11 corners or more than 11 corners.

This approach can be used for domestic matches and international games. Tournaments such as the World Cup, Copa America and European Championship involve many games over a sort period of time. Noting results from the first few matches and carefully applying the extra data concerning playing style, weather and pitch conditions can result in decent profits.

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