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Solopredict Matches

Solopredict Matches


Lyon – Brest

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.33 Result: 2:2


Wolfsberger AC – Amstetten

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.20 Result: 2:0


Liberec – Opava

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 2:0

Soccer Betting Strategy for Backing the Big Favorites

Backing big favorites is a very popular strategy among soccer bettors. It’s incredibly straightforward, and it’s likely to return plenty of winners. These are two big advantages that bettors typically focus on.. But is this strategy TOO straightforward? Can we really expect to make money from such an obvious approach? If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Like most simple betting strategies, backing big favorites does have its flaws: it is based on some sound logic though. After all, big favorites are definitely expected to win more often than not. That’s precisely WHY they’re big favorites. It’s hardly unreasonable to assume that backing them will therefore be profitable in the long run.

The main flaw in this strategy is that the odds for big favorites to win are typically very low. This means you don’t stand to win much relative to your stake. This wouldn’t be a problem if you could rely on the favorites to win all the time, but we all know that upsets are common in soccer. A team could be destined to win but somehow end up either drawing or losing altogether.

That’s why the real question is this; do the big favorites win often enough to make this strategy profitable? This is an extremely difficult question to answer, partially because the term big favorite is too vague.

This highlights another flaw in the strategy. What exactly constitutes a big favorite? Different people will have different views on this. This means that the strategy is entirely open to interpretation, which is actually a good thing. Strategies that are based on following a precise system with no room for individual interpretation are usually doomed to failure. The best strategies are those that lay out some specific guidelines, but also involve making informed decisions in any given situation.

In this article we’re going to look at the backing big favorites strategy in detail. We start by analyzing the win rates of teams that are heavily favored to win, to see how often they meet expectations. Then we analyze the odds, to gain some real insight into how effective this strategy can be. With that information all in hand, we then provide our honest assessment of this strategy. Finally, we offer some advice for how it can be implemented most effectively through optimization.

Solopredict Matches