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Safe Sure 100 Matches

Safe Sure 100 Matches


Egypt – Comoros : 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 4:0

Mexico U23 – Canada U23 : 1 Odd: 1.40 FT: 2:0

Safe Sure 100 Matches

The fixture list

Different leagues release their fixture lists at different times. It’s usually well in advance of the upcoming season though. This is something that many soccer bettors pay little attention to until the season starts, but we recommend studying it as soon as it comes out. You should think about how a team’s schedule is likely to affect them, as this is a useful factor to consider when making betting decisions.

The following are some specific things to look out for.

    • Teams with an especially tough start to the season.

A team with a tough start may struggle to get any momentum going, which could negatively impact their whole season.

    • Teams with an especially easy start to the season.

A team with an easy start may generate lots of momentum and grow in confidence. This could have a positive impact on their whole season.

    • Teams with several challenging fixtures during busy periods of the season.

A run of hard games in quick succession puts extra pressure on players which can lead to a loss of form and even additional injuries and suspensions.

Safe Sure 100 Matches

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