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Solo Safe Matches

Solo Safe Matches


Olympiacos Piraeus – Giannina

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.20 Result: 1:0


National Bank Egypt – Al Ahly

Tip: 2 Odds: 1.40 Result: 0:0


Motherwell – Rangers

Tip: 2 Odds: 1.30 Result: 1:1

Solo Safe Matches

Guide to If Bets and Reverse Bets

If bets and reverse bets are two of the more complex sports wagers you can place, but they aren’t actually too difficult to understand once you’re familiar with the concept. Although we consider these to be advanced wagers, we do think it’s worth it for beginners to learn how they work, because they do offer some notable advantages.

These bets are similar to parlays, in that they involve making multiple selections, but they are lower risk and can still offer a return even if you don’t get every selection right. They can be great options if you want to bet on the result of more than one match without risking too much of your bankroll.

We’ve explained more about these wagers below, and provided some examples of how they work in practice.

How If Bets Work

An if bet is a combination of two or more wagers, where the result of each wager determines whether or not the subsequent wagers are actually placed. This actually sounds a little more complicated than it is. Basically, you make multiple selections at whatever stake you choose. Your stake is then placed on your first selection. If your first selection loses, you lose your stake and the rest of the wager is cancelled.

If your first selection wins you get paid out, but with an amount equal to your initial stake deducted. This amount is then placed again on your second selection. If the second selection wins you get paid out minus the original stake which is then placed on the third selection. If the second selection loses, then the rest of the wager is cancelled.

The number of selections you can include in an if bet will vary from one bookmaker to another, but it’s typically between two and six. The basic principle is always the same regardless of how many selections you make. If you make two selections, then the second selection only comes into play if the first selection wins. If you make three selections, then the third selection only comes into play if the first two selections win.

The best way to show exactly how if bets work is to use a simple example using real betting markets.

Solo Safe Matches

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