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solobet prediction

solobet prediction

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football soccer tips

Football soccer tips


Eibar – Real Madrid

Tip: 2 Odds: 1.50 Result: 1:3


Manchester Utd – Leeds

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.66 Result: 6:2

Football soccer tips

Top Tips for Beginners to Sports Betting

If you’re new to sports betting, then you’ve come to the right place to get all of the best tips on how to do it. We’ve built this guide so that you can learn about these pieces of advice to help you advance your gambling skills. Even if you never placed a single sports bet in your life, these tips will help you learn some of the most important things from the get-go.

On this page, we’re going to showcase our top tips for beginning sports bettors. By reviewing these recommendations, you’ll have a solid idea on how you can jumpstart your sports betting adventures in an informed manner. In turn, that will help you make better betting decisions as you get things started. Many of us on staff here wish that we had read something like this before we got started. Luckily for you, you’re here, and you’ll benefit significantly from the knowledge contained below.

For those of you that are brand new. We’d urge you to read this page in its entirety so that you get the full benefit. However, if you’re pressed for time, and you’d like to see a particular tip, we’ve included links below where you can jump to a specific section. Simply click on the one you’re interested in, and you’ll skip right to that section below.

Football soccer tips ||




Everton – Arsenal

Tip: 1 Odds: 2.70 Result: 2:1


RB Leipzig – FC Koln

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 0:0


If you’re looking for something a bit different than a standard sports bet, you might consider placing a proposition bet. Also known as prop bets or specials, these types of wagers can be on just about anything.

As an example, you can place prop bets on which team or player will score first in a game. Other prop bets include the time of the first goal in a soccer match or which team player will score the first run in a game. These samples hardly scratch the surface on different prop bets that you can place. In reality, there are all kinds of different things that you can bet on using this type of wager.

If you’d like to view more information about prop bets and see other samples of them, be sure to check out the link below. It will take you to our detailed page on prop bets where you can learn more about them. ||


Join the best fixed matches team on the market.





Union Berlin – Bor. Dortmund

Tip: BTS YES Odds: 1.80 Result: 2:1


Al Ahly – Ghazl El Mahallah

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.25 Result: 3:0


Online Betting From the United States

If you live in the United States then you could be forgiven for having some concerns about betting online. Also The legal situation relating to all forms of online gambling is decidedly unclear, and is not helped by the fact that the laws vary from one state to the next. Federal level legislation is somewhat confusing,  Unless you live in a state where online gambling is explicitly legal and regulated, it’s hard to know what’s legal and what’s not.

Also the good news is that you don’t actually need to worry about these laws, as it’s extremely unlikely that a US resident would get arrested just for using a gambling site. They are also not really aimed at people who gamble online, but rather at the companies that provide gambling services. Unfortunately, this does mean that many of the leading sites have decided not to accept US customers. Some still do though, and we’ve compiled rankings specifically looking at the best US friendly options. We have also written a guide to online gambling from America. Join Soloprediction and get the best odds. Play and win. |


Win with the Best fixed matches




Krasnodar – Ufa

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.36 Result: 1:0


AS Roma – Torino

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.44 Result: 3:1


Sheffield Utd – Manchester Utd

Tip: 2 Odds: 1.66 Result: 2:3

Bankroll Management in Sports Betting

While sports betting is only a hobby for most, many aspire to take their betting to the next level. The dream of being a professional sports bettor is one that looms in the back of most sports bettors’ heads. While it is a challenging and lofty goal, there are many men and women across the globe who earn their keep by betting sports professionally.

If this is something that you’re aspiring to achieve one day, you need to pay close attention to every single line of this article. The single most important part of a winning sports betting strategy is bankroll management. Bankroll management refers to how you choose to allocate and handle your funds while making bets. Proper bankroll management can help increase the longevity of your bets and help to propel you to the upper echelon of professional betting. Improper bankroll management is a quick ticket to Brokes-ville.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to be a master at bankroll management. We’ll walk you through every tip, rule, and guideline that you must know to gain full control over your bankroll and your sports betting destiny. With a little knowledge and some discipline, you can really put yourself in a position to succeed. We’re not trying to sound like your school guidance counselor up on a soapbox preaching; this is just that important of information.

For a rundown on proper bankroll management we have put together this detailed video guide for you. We also have a even more in depth write up in the article below.


Solopredict Matches

Solopredict Matches


Lyon – Brest

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.33 Result: 2:2


Wolfsberger AC – Amstetten

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.20 Result: 2:0


Liberec – Opava

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 2:0

Soccer Betting Strategy for Backing the Big Favorites

Backing big favorites is a very popular strategy among soccer bettors. It’s incredibly straightforward, and it’s likely to return plenty of winners. These are two big advantages that bettors typically focus on.. But is this strategy TOO straightforward? Can we really expect to make money from such an obvious approach? If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Like most simple betting strategies, backing big favorites does have its flaws: it is based on some sound logic though. After all, big favorites are definitely expected to win more often than not. That’s precisely WHY they’re big favorites. It’s hardly unreasonable to assume that backing them will therefore be profitable in the long run.

The main flaw in this strategy is that the odds for big favorites to win are typically very low. This means you don’t stand to win much relative to your stake. This wouldn’t be a problem if you could rely on the favorites to win all the time, but we all know that upsets are common in soccer. A team could be destined to win but somehow end up either drawing or losing altogether.

That’s why the real question is this; do the big favorites win often enough to make this strategy profitable? This is an extremely difficult question to answer, partially because the term big favorite is too vague.

This highlights another flaw in the strategy. What exactly constitutes a big favorite? Different people will have different views on this. This means that the strategy is entirely open to interpretation, which is actually a good thing. Strategies that are based on following a precise system with no room for individual interpretation are usually doomed to failure. The best strategies are those that lay out some specific guidelines, but also involve making informed decisions in any given situation.

In this article we’re going to look at the backing big favorites strategy in detail. We start by analyzing the win rates of teams that are heavily favored to win, to see how often they meet expectations. Then we analyze the odds, to gain some real insight into how effective this strategy can be. With that information all in hand, we then provide our honest assessment of this strategy. Finally, we offer some advice for how it can be implemented most effectively through optimization.

Solopredict Matches

fixed odds betting

fixed odds betting


Bournemouth – Wycombe

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 1:0


Sporting – Mafra

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 2:0

Fixed Betting

Many people will know and understand the traditional way of betting on sports events. This involves heading to the website of an online bookmaker. Finding the event on which would like to bet and placing the bet on the odds . However, this is not the only way of betting and there are different types of betting platforms available.

The one highlighted above is known as fixed betting. As highlighted above, this is the traditional form of sports betting. And is the one you will find at most of the leading online sportsbooks. When a bet wins, it is paid out at the odds used when the bet was placed regardless of whether the odds have since changed. 

There are several different types of fixed also available for various sports and some gamblers will never use any form of betting platform other than fixed odds betting.

Another type of betting platform which has seen a great deal of growth in recent years is in-play betting. This is also known as live betting. Although it is considered a form of fixed odds betting it is different enough to be considered a betting platform of its own. While fixed odds betting takes place before the event has started, live betting odds are available after the event has started and throughout the event. 

Any online sports betting website worth using will have live betting odds available for several sports including football, tennis, cricket, ice hockey and many more. Despite only being available online, live betting has become very popular and is now one of the leading types of betting platform.

fixed odds betting

Join soloprediction and get the best fixed matches on the market.

England Premier

England Premier   :   Man Utd v West Ham

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 1:1

Home team Man Utd have a home record of 10-6-2 (W-D-L) for their 18 home games this season, 36 points from a possible 54. That's a home points average of 2.00 compared to 1.72 for all games this season. Man Utd's recent points average is 2.67, 16 points from 6 games 5-1-0 (W-D-L)

Away team West Ham have an away record of 4-4-10 (W-D-L) for their 18 away games this season, 16 points from a possible 54. That's an away points average of 0.89 compared to 1.03 for all games this season. West Ham's recent points average is 1.67, 10 points from 6 games;

Comparing Man Utd's home games versus West Ham's away games (36 in total), there have been 56% Home Wins, 28% Draws and 17% Away Wins (20-10-6). A similar comparison for all Man Utd's games versus all West Ham's games (72 in total) produces the following: 50% Home Wins, 25% Draws and 25% Away Wins (36-18-18).

Man Utd are undefeated in their last 12 games. Man Utd are undefeated in their last 6 home games.
West Ham are on a 2 game winning streakWest Ham have gone 3 games without a draw.

England Premier   :   Liverpool v Chelsea

Tip: 1X (double chance) Odds: 1.40 Result: 5:3

Home team Liverpool have a home record of 17-1-0 (W-D-L) for their 18 home games this season, 52 points from a possible 54. That's a home points average of 2.89 compared to 2.58 for all games this season. Liverpool's recent points average is 1.67, 10 points from 6 games 3-1-2 (W-D-L)

Away team Chelsea have an away record of 9-3-6 (W-D-L) for their 18 away games this season, 30 points from a possible 54. That's an away points average of 1.67 compared to 1.75 for all games this season. Chelsea's recent points average is 2.00, 12 points from 6 games;

Comparing Liverpool's home games versus Chelsea's away games (36 in total), there have been 64% Home Wins, 11% Draws and 25% Away Wins (23-4-9). A similar comparison for all Liverpool's games versus all Chelsea's games (72 in total) produces the following: 57% Home Wins, 12% Draws and 31% Away Wins (41-9-22).

Chelsea have gone 8 games without a draw. Chelsea have gone 4 away games without a draw. No major Sequences or Streaks to report for Liverpool


Switzerland Challenge

Switzerland Challenge   :   Grasshoppers v Schaffhausen

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30 Result: 5:3

Home team Grasshoppers have a home record of 8-3-4 (W-D-L) for their 15 home games this season, 27 points from a possible 45. That's a home points average of 1.80 compared to 1.77 for all games this season. Grasshoppers's recent points average is 2.50, 15 points from 6 games 5-0-1 (W-D-L)

Away team Schaffhausen have an away record of 3-5-8 (W-D-L) for their 16 away games this season, 14 points from a possible 48. That's an away points average of 0.88 compared to 0.97 for all games this season. Schaffhausen's recent points average is 0.50, 3 points from 6 games;

Comparing Grasshoppers's home games versus Schaffhausen's away games (31 in total), there have been 52% Home Wins, 26% Draws and 23% Away Wins (16-8-7). A similar comparison for all Grasshoppers's games versus all Schaffhausen's games (61 in total) produces the following: 46% Home Wins, 33% Draws and 21% Away Wins (28-20-13).

Grasshoppers are on a 5 game home winning streakGrasshoppers have gone 6 games without a draw. Grasshoppers have gone 8 home games without a draw. Grasshoppers are undefeated in their last 5 home games.
Schaffhausen are on a 2 game away losing streakSchaffhausen have not won in their last 7 games. Schaffhausen have not won in their last 6 away games.

Italy Serie A   :   Atalanta v Bologna

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.40 Result: 1:0

Home team Atalanta have a home record of 11-2-4 (W-D-L) for their 17 home games this season, 35 points from a possible 51. That's a home points average of 2.06 compared to 2.09 for all games this season. Atalanta's recent points average is 2.33, 14 points from 6 games 4-2-0 (W-D-L)

Away team Bologna have an away record of 7-3-7 (W-D-L) for their 17 away games this season, 24 points from a possible 51. That's an away points average of 1.41 compared to 1.26 for all games this season. Bologna's recent points average is 1.00, 6 points from 6 games;

Comparing Atalanta's home games versus Bologna's away games (34 in total), there have been 53% Home Wins, 15% Draws and 32% Away Wins (18-5-11). A similar comparison for all Atalanta's games versus all Bologna's games (68 in total) produces the following: 50% Home Wins, 26% Draws and 24% Away Wins (34-18-16).

Norway OBOS ligaen

Norway OBOS ligaen   :   Lillestrom v Stjordals Blin

Tip: 1 Odds: 1.30  Result: 0:1

Home team Lillestrom have a home record of 1-0-0 (W-D-L) for their 1 home games this season, 3 points from a possible 3. That's a home points average of 3.00 compared to 2.33 for all games this season. Lillestrom's recent points average is 1.83, 11 points from 6 games 3-2-1 (W-D-L)

Away team Stjordals-Blin have an away record of 0-0-1 (W-D-L) for their 1 away games this season, 0 points from a possible 3. That's an away points average of 0.00 compared to 1.00 for all games this season. Stjordals-Blin's recent points average is 1.50, 9 points from 6 games;

Comparing Lillestrom's home games versus Stjordals-Blin's away games (2 in total), there have been 100% Home Wins, 0% Draws and 0% Away Wins (2-0-0). A similar comparison for all Lillestrom's games versus all Stjordals-Blin's games (6 in total) produces the following: 67% Home Wins, 17% Draws and 17% Away Wins (4-1-1).

Lillestrom are on a 2 game home winning streakLillestrom are undefeated in their last 4 games. Lillestrom are undefeated in their last 3 home games.
Stjordals-Blin have gone 11 games without a draw. Stjordals-Blin have gone 5 away games without a draw.